Want to Learn to Edit?  One to One Sessions with Stu!

You'd like to learn how to edit your own videos?  Stu offers one to one training sessions, online or in person, dealing with anything you'd like to know how to do, in Adobe Premiere Pro.   Bring your own footage, or use some of mine! 

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There's a little bit of secret sauce that goes into my work.  It's hard to put into words, really.

So look below, and you'll see that secret sauce in action.  In timelapse form!

StuLapse No.1:  The Art of Promo Construction

StuLapse No.2:  Four minutes to One

StuLapse No.3:  Updating a video with new footage and a new structure

StuLapse No.4:  MegaLapse! The beginnings of a promo

StuLapse No.5: Constructing and Building, Fine Tuning and Color Correction

StuLapse No.6: Construction technique